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Dragon challenges

How to make today a gift.
The warmth remained from the hug.
The memory remained of joy.
The dream became at ease.
Of course, youth remained.
From affection remained affection.
From friendship came company.
We miss the future.
There was a lesson from the experience.
The word remained from love.
From sincerity came kindness.

"Deep understanding brings favor, But the path of the treacherous is difficult."
(Life manual)

"In the original language, the expression “good perspicacity”, or good understanding, “describes the ability to have common sense, good judgment and wise opinions”, declares a work of references. Those who possess these qualities have no difficulty in pleasing others."
(Quote from Magazine)

Beginnings and new beginnings.
Starting over is always necessary.
Starting over is essential.
Starting over is living.

"The most scandalous thing about scandals is that we get used to them."
- Simone de Beauvoir.

Sometimes I repeat myself.
Sometimes I repeat myself a lot.
I always walk the same road.
I always make the same complaints, which have no solution.
I follow the same routine, without waking up to life.
Sometimes I shut up.
Sometimes, I remain silent in the face of the same injustices.
I think about the same utopias.
I dream of the same fantasies.
I challenge my dragon.
Sometimes I can be real.


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