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Simplicity is superior


Genius is made from simple things.

Keep it simple and you won't miss anything.


“The lazy man desires much and has nothing, but the diligent man will be fully satisfied.”

(Book of Wisdom)


Speaking clearly and simply is what makes us capable of touching the heart of others.

Someone else's heart has a key without erudition.

Touching another's heart turns clay into flesh and bone.


"Good news “fattens the bones”, or fills them with marrow — in other words, it invigorates the entire organism."

(Quote from Magazine)


Serving is what makes someone an example.

Attitude is the secret of deep teaching.

Lifting our heads prevents us from becoming discouraged.


"The Philosophy of life is the expression that serves to describe a set of ideas or attitudes that are part of the life of an individual or group. The philosophy of life can also be defined by a conduct that governs a person's way of living. "

(Research Commentary)


Take action and I will learn.

Give a smile without falsehood and I will be happy.

Give me a hug and I'll feel human.


"I don't have everything I love, but I love everything I have." (Anonymous)


Of clarity and uncertainty, it is the raw material of life.

Simplicity and doubt are what give color to living.

Ideas fall from the sky, life springs from the earth.

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