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What Will our words say


What message does the way we look at others send?

How are our expressions reflections of what we hold in our hearts?


"Whoever watches his mouth protects his life. Whoever does not close his lips will be ruined."

(Book of Wisdom)


Of Clarity and uncertainty...

It is not possible to live without influencing and being influenced, without mixing with each other's lives and emotions.


"Hard or lying lips can be harmful—cutting deep like a sword, or poisoning like a viper."

(Quote from Magazine)


Earning people's trust is not something automatic, which comes with a position, a promotion or even the purchase of a property.


"The great importance of this type of knowledge is to develop people's ability to reflect and reason about questions of existence. Since Philosophy “serves to reflect on life, on human beings."

(Commentary on Philosophy)


Does what is called negative leadership really exist?


"Pleasures are not only pleasant when they happen, but also when they are remembered."



When you harm the lives of others, can we call that leadership?

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